Our ministry goal is to make disciples who are authentically walking with Jesus Christ within the context of Christian community. We seek to facilitate the development of students from children into more explorative and independent-thinking teens. During this period, students are faced with conflicting messages and values between home, school, and friends.

We strive to create an environment where students feel secure and nurtured enough around their peers and advisors to explore their faith. We stress the importance of being securely anchored to God in all aspects of life, and we work to equip and challenge students to test and take ownership of their faith.

Our studies define Christianity and its principles, promote the practice of spiritual disciplines, and discuss faith in the context of the relevant world (current culture, other religions, etc). Students are encouraged to take action on the lessons they learn, whether it be fundraising for needy causes as a response to learning about God’s heart for the broken or creating personalized notebooks in order to apply a lesson on devotionals.

Through a variety of purposeful activities and exercises, students learn to be a community to each other, are encouraged to practice sensitivity to the Spirit and its guidance, and use school-taught learning skills in studying the Bible to learn to analytically study the Word