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A Psalm of Moses – Psalms 90

Pastor Eddie spoke on the importance of finding and establishing our identity in Christ Jesus alone. We can strive to make a name for ourselves or show people around us our accomplishments, but what really matters in God’s eyes? In Psalm 90, we can take comfort in knowing that the Lord satisfies us with His love. He desires for his people to know and remember Him.

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Is Anything too Hard for the Lord? – Genesis 18:1-15

Pastor David Doong continued with his “God of Abraham” series and spoke on “Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?” referencing Genesis 18:1-15. Pastor David shares about 2 approaches in learning: the experience approach which relies on our past experiences, and the faith approach which allows reality to teach us new things.

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The Real Hero – Genesis 15:1-21

Pastor David Doong shared with HarvestLA “The Real Hero” on a passage from Genesis 15:1-21. Here, we see that even Abraham had fears and doubts of his own. Yet, God still speaks into his life and fulfills his promises to him. What are some of your fears and doubts? Let’s be encouraged that even in fear and doubt, God still speaks to us.

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Engaging our Culture – Genesis 2:8, 15; 12:1-4

Pastor David Doong shared with HarvestLA this past Sunday on “Engaging our Culture,” referencing Genesis 2:8,15. He reminds us through Scripture that despite the fallen world we live in, God still creates and desires to redeem the world. Through Jesus Christ, He indeed redeems and we continually bring ourselves into repentance and remind ourselves that we don’t belong in this world.

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