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More Important Than Salvation John 15:1-17

This past Sunday, Pastor Eddie spoke to us on John 15:1-17. We are reminded that God desires to have a relationship with us; an intimate friendship.

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Crossing Borders – John 13:1-17

Pastor David spoke to us on John 13:1-17, “Crossing Borders.”

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True Discipleship – John 12:1-8

Youth Minister Katherine Chu spoke on John 12:1-8, “Becoming a True Disciple.”

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Restoring Grace – John 8:1-11

This past Sunday, Pastor David spoke to us on John 8:1-11, “Restoring Grace”. This passage tells us a story of how the teachers of the law brought an adulterous woman to Jesus to ask him what He says of the law.

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Conversion – John 3:1-15

John 3:1-15, “Conversion”, the story of Jesus teaching Nicodemus the Kingdom of God.

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