Our Strategy

Connect you to God
Connect with others
Connect through ministry
Connect to the world

Our weekend services are designed to Connect you to God through biblical teaching and engaging worship. Services are offered across generations and languages.

Our Small Groups are designed to Connect to Others in a biblical community where you study the Bible, pray, and care for one another.

There are many areas to Connect through ministry. Teams that help you to serve the community and the church. We believe every Christian should enjoy God working through them to serve others.

Missions not only impact the people groups but it also encourages the person that goes. We are involved in missions locally and globally. Providing opportunities to Connect to the World

Play to Win
We will aggressively pursue new ways to reach people for Christ.
Dare to Care
We will risk getting our hands messy to help people grow closer to Christ.
Make it Count
We will use every resource with integrity to honor Christ.
Go for Great
We will do things with excellence to impact people for Christ.

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